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Located in Northern California. Crossed Star Firearm's instructor is Certified NRA, DOJ, USCCA, Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer. Crossed Star Firearms offers Introduction to Firearms, Range Days, Situational Awareness classes, CCW Renewal Classes, CCW Initial classes, Private Pistol Instruction as well as other Firearms training classes.

When doing private pistol instruction, we can focus on your individual needs and stay on your personal level to develop confidence and your abilities. Private pistol instruction is a way to customize instruction to help better the individual student. We will cover anything from unloading and loading your pistol, basic shooting fundamentals, malfunction remediation, emergency reloads, tactical reloads, shooting while on the move and more.

The Firearms training classes are taught with NRA curriculum and are some of the best. Firearms training classes included are Basic Pistol, CCW and Refuse To Be A Victim. All classes are taught locally and are in a comfortable safety-first environment.

CCW classes are approved for Butte County, Glenn County, Nevada County, Placer County, Sutter County, Sacramento County, Trinity County, Yuba County and Yolo County. CCW classes are typically in a group setting but Private individual classes, as well as Private group classes are also available.

Qualified as a DOJ, USCCA, and NRA certified instructor Crossed star Firearms uses some of the best curriculum available. Classes are easy to follow and great for all students in a safety-first environment. Book a class or set up Private Pistol Instruction and become more confident with your pistol in a safety-first environment.

Morgan Bischoff,

Certified Firearms Instructor


“I feel so much more confident—”

“Just wanted to say thank you for meeting with my daughters and I. We had a blast! Very informative and we are looking forward to our next Person Pistol Instruction.”

“Of all the trainings, yours was the most comfortable for me personally, thank you for that.”

“I am really grateful for you, its hard to find female instructors.”

CCW & Private Instruction Classes

Concealed carry weapons permit classes starting soon.